About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my blog, Go Paid in Full!  My name is Stacy Gallego.  I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband John.  We have six beautiful children, ages 29 to 10.  I am a registered nurse and work per diem  at a local hospital in Tucson.  Most importantly, I am a born-again Christian who enjoys serving the Lord and sharing my faith.  I love teaching women’s Bible studies, equipping women in the Word of God, and sharing the financial “how” of getting out of debt and enjoying the life God has created for you!

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to live a life of freedom.    When I was younger, I would dream up the perfect job that would allow me to have financial freedom and the ability to make my own schedule where I could enjoy my family, travel,  and have choices.   The dream was great, but I lacked the “how” to achieve it.  In my 20s, I would go on to make some terrible financial decisions.  These decisions caused years of crushing debt that almost derailed my dream to have freedom in my life.  Looking back, it was the perfect storm – credit cards, personal loans, car loans, overspending, and the list goes on!   It was through the heartbreak of losing everything, God’s provision, and a $10 book that brought me to Go Paid in Full!

If you have never gone through a financial crisis, you cannot begin to understand it.   Losing everything was one of the hardest things I’d gone through in my life.  Everything that was important to me at the time – my home, my car, my possessions, and my job – ALL gone.  Everything that I had a loan on was taken, but the debt still remained.   I had a daily heavy burden knowing I owed a debt I couldn’t pay.   The biggest miracle of my life happened at this exact time…I heard how Jesus loved me and wanted to give me a new life.  In the middle of this storm, I made a commitment to follow Christ.   Honestly, this new relationship was all I needed.   When I hit bottom, I made a promise to God that if He got me out of my financial situation, I would change and never go down that road again!

All I can say is God is faithful!  A few years later, my husband, John, and I came upon Dave Ramsey’s book, “The Total Money Makeover.”  This $10 book would change our lives!  In just a couple years, we completely ditched our consumer debt.  We began to dream of a life of freedom that gave us choices!  After all of our consumer debt gone and just our house payment remaining, we decided to take our money makeover one step further by completely paying off our 247K home loan in 74 months!  We did the foot work, but God gave the increase and blessing!

We are now living our dream of freedom, choices, travel, and giving!   Our Total Money Makeover has taught us to live below our means, give to the Lord’s work, save money, and plan for our retirement.  We did this while raising 6 kids on medium incomes!  For many years I was home with the kids and not working.   We even got to take some pretty amazing debt free vacations along the way.   Many people want the same thing, but they never get to the “how.”   We want to share our financial journey to freedom.  We want to share “how” we kicked debt, gave money, saved money,  paid cash, and built a retirement fund.  You can learn how to do this too!

So why the name, Go Paid in Full?  Two reasons for the name actually.  The first and most important is my daily reminder that because of Christ’s death and resurrection,  my sin debt has been paid in full.  It’s a beautiful thing to live my life Paid in Full – it’s my reality and can be yours too!  The second reason is our desire to share this amazing debt free life we now live.  It’s not just for us – It can be for you too!  You can enjoy the life God chooses for you free of debt.    You just need the “how.”  That’s the reason for Go Paid in Full.    Our prayer is our readers take the information, apply it to their lives, and Go Paid in Full!